Thank You – Sarge is Home!

Submitted by JD Winston, Executive Director


I have wonderful news to share with you! Sarge reunited with Dan and his wife this week thanks to generous donations from supporters like you! Thank you so much for helping us keep this heroic and loyal military family together. Not only that, but thanks to the outpouring of support for Sarge, enough funds were raised to help many other military families facing the same difficult situation. Thank you for pitching in and supporting our military families and the pets they love. The financial grants provided to these families through Operation Military Pets not only keeps military families whole, but it saves lives by keeping these pets out of shelters and off the streets.

Many of our military families have nowhere else to turn when pet relocation costs skyrocket without warning.  That's just what happened to Dan and Sarge when a snowstorm hit Georgia just before take-off and Sarge couldn't be cleared to fly with his family. That one glitch caused the cost of bringing Sarge with them on military relocation orders to go from $200 to over $3,000 overnight. Sadly, this is an all-too-common reality for many of our military service members, but Operation Military Pets is here to help. Thank you for doing your part to help keep military families together!

With deep gratitude,

JD Winston
Executive Director
SPCA International