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SPCAI Protests Abuse in Barcelona

By Meredith Ayan, Executive Director On June 13th, 2015 we joined our partner organizations, SOS Galgos and C.R.E.L. in Barcelona to march through the streets to protest the cruel practice of using Greyhounds for hare coursing. The march began at Tanatoria de Sancho de Avila (cemetery) as a symbol of the thousands of dogs that die each year from this practice. The crowd was over 500 people strong as we chanted and marched through the streets of downtown Barcelona. The destination was the government building in downtown where protestors staged a peaceful sit in. We laid flat on the pavement so the Greyhounds that marched with us could be seen. We marched to be a voice for these dogs and their right not to be subjected to this cruel treatment that is deemed “tradition”. SPCA International collected hundreds of new signatures for a petition, already 69,000 strong, that will be presented to the United Nations and European Union showing international support for outlawing hare coursing with Spanish Greyhounds.  We stand proudly with our partner organizations and we will not rest until this practice has been eradicated. June 13th was an important day in the fight for the protection of Spanish Greyhounds. Learn more about the abuse and murder of tens of thousands of Spanish Greyhounds every year.