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SPCA International Grant to Stop Dog Meat Trade

In September 2018, we reached out to the generous SPCA International community with a request to raise funds for our international partners who are working to put a stop to the dog meat trade and rescue its innocent victims. This is one of the most heartbreaking realities; community dogs are being rounded up, tortured and slaughtered because people believe their meat has special properties such as the ability to increase virility. Worst of all, this myth also perpetuates a belief that if a dog suffers before death, the meat will be more powerful. Dogs are being tortured through beating, electrocution, stabbing, and even being boiled or skinned alive.

Despite public outcry from many citizens where people consume dog meat, the practice continues. China, for example, can be a perilous place for dogs, but thanks to SPCA International supporters, more help and support is on the way. A $20,000 grant will be made to Bo Ai Animal Center where founder Du Yufeng along with staff and volunteers work tirelessly to rescue dogs from the meat trade and work toward a ban on all dog meat consumption.

The Bo Ai Animal Center is home to hundreds of dogs, and it would be impossible for the staff and volunteers to care for these animals without financial support from organizations like SPCAI and supporters like you.

Noah (above) is one of the Bo Ai’s more recent rescue dogs. He was lucky to be saved from the meat trade by Du and her team. Once he was healthy and vetted, Noah traveled to Amsterdam to meet his new forever family. They welcomed him with open hearts and warm hugs and today he is settling in nicely. He is experiencing a lot of firsts in Amsterdam – a new dog bed all his own, long walks, life with a housecat, and he even met a horse.

Many dogs like Noah that have been rescued from the dog meat trade and other perilous situations, are still available for adoption on by Bo Ai Animal Center’s website. We hope you will consider opening your heart and home to one of them.