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Slaughterhouse Rescues

These pups were rescued from a slaughterhouse in China by SPCA International’s partner organization Plush Bear. Their team spotted a truck full of dogs leaving the local market and followed it to the slaughterhouse. Fortunately, they were able to rescue all of the dogs on the truck, as well as other dogs that were being kept in filthy holding pens.

The dogs were given immediate veterinary care, healthy food, a clean place to sleep and loving care. Most of them are still waiting to be adopted, but a few have already made it to their forever homes where they will be safe and cared for.

Poppy an old English sheepdog, now living a wonderful life in the U.K. with her new owner Sue and new siblings Rosie and Harry. She’s a bouncing ball of energy and seems unaffected by her time in China before Plush Bears Shelter saved her from death. She enjoys long daily walks by the seaside and has a penchant for chewing shoes

Luna a female Bassett hound rescued from slaughter by Plush Bears Shelter was brought to the United States by a breed-specific rescue who funded her transport costs and found her an exceptional new home where she is loved and adored.

Grace a Samoyed mix was flown over to the United States after being rescued from slaughter by Plush Bears Shelter. She now has a great new home in Florida with an endless supply of love from her new owner.