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Shelter Support Fund: Lending A Hand

By Emma Koerniger, SPCA International staff

All over the world, SPCA International helps shelters do more for animals in need through grants from the Shelter Support Fund. These grants help organizations grow, thrive and save more lives. Here’s a sampling of our most recent financial aid:

International Aid for the Protection and Welfare of Animals (IAPWA) located in Borneo has been in desperate need for a vehicle to aid in transport of the animals they rescue. We were able to help them purchase 2/3rd of their vehicle of choice.

Hand in Hand with Asia’s Animal Activists is working to change existing animal welfare laws in Asia and bring awareness to countries were animal protection does not exist, with special with focus on ending the dog meat trade. This month we were able to assist them in transporting a physically disabled dog meat trade victim, Wei Wei, to her new family in the Unites States.

Tanzania Animal Welfare Society (TAWESO) strives to fight animal cruelty and promote public awareness through various outreach programs. We have been honored to help TAWESO since 2009 and most recently sent a grant to support their new donkey welfare project.

Bhaktapur Animal Welfare Society (BAWS) an animal welfare, rescue and education organization located in Nepal came to our attention after the major earthquake in April 2015. SPCA International was able to help support their relief efforts and their ongoing spay and neuter and vaccination campaigns.

Animal AWARE located in Guatemala aims to improve the lives of all domestic animals through public education and spay and neuter programs. Their facilities house well over 350 animals; SPCA International was able to help them afford the costs of building new stainless steel kennels in their clinic for quarantine and recovery.

Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) works to end the underground dog fighting industry that has taken hold of the city. Through our dog fighting campaign, Sam’s Cause, SPCA International has donated a minivan to help them transport the dogs they are rescuing from the streets.

This is simply a snapshot of the 300+ shelters helped by the Shelter Support Fund since 2007. We will continue to support shelters and rescue groups so that they are able to continue educating the public, providing emergency veterinary care, spaying and neutering and saving lives.