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Shelter Spotlight: Campaign Against Cruelty to Animals Sierra Leone

The Campaign Against Cruelty to Animals Sierra Leone is an incredible grassroots partner. It was formed in 2005 by concerned animal lovers who are committed to animal safety and health. Founder, Tom Sandi, recently shared the catalyst for this organization. 

A dog in Tom’s community had eaten her own pups due to starvation. The owner ordered her killed and she was tied up so local youths could throw rocks at her and beat her with sticks. She escaped the rope and ran into Tom’s home to hide. He protected the dog, fed her, and knew he had to do something to protect other animals like her.

Protecting dogs and cats was a novel concept at the time, but Tom was able to find a few community members who supported his idea. Today, the organization is managed by a five-member board of directors and has a group of dedicated volunteers. 

The volunteers distribute food and medical supplies, but also focus on education. They have reached over 5,000 people through education and advocacy and regularly visit local elementary schools to teach compassion and animal care. They also have 20 “Animal Kindness Clubs” across the country with approximately 1,000 members.

Recently, SPCA International sent medication and pet supplies to Sierra Leone. They were distributed throughout the entire Kenema District in Freetown. Medication reached almost every family dog in the district through a week-long effort.

Many families in Sierra Leone can’t afford medication and veterinary care. That is why outside help is so important. Without it, most animals wouldn’t receive even basic veterinary care.  

With support from SPCA International, the campaign is able to increase their reach and save more lives.