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Saved from the Brink of Death: Star’s Incredible Transformation

In February we reached out to the SPCA International community to help us rush aid to the Dominican Republic. Several rabies cases had scared a small community and dogs were being killed. Our local partner organization used staff and volunteers to rescue animals that had been hurt. Star was one of these animals and she stole all our hearts. Star was tied to a tree and left without food or water for two weeks. It is a miracle she survived at all. The pictures of her are heartbreaking. Most of her bones were visible through her skin, and she wouldn’t have made it much longer without help. Thanks to the generous outpouring of support for Star, our partner organization in the Dominican Republic was able to save her. They also helped many other dogs who were harmed during the spike in violence. In addition to saving lives, they provided vaccinations and education throughout the community to prevent further violence. Star is one lucky girl. She quickly captured the hearts of a loving family that is dedicated to her safety and well-being. They renamed her Snow White, and are looking forward to a long and happy life with her.