Rescuing Animals, Restoring Hope

The team is on the ground, and the life-saving work has begun! Operation Ukraine, the mobile veterinary clinic offering vital aid to owned, stray, and shelter animals impacted by the war, has been traveling through Ukraine for the last few weeks, and the team has already changed so many lives. We want to take a moment to celebrate some of the heartwarming rescues straight from the frontlines with you!

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The First Operation Ukraine Patient

Talk about being in the right place at the right time! Just a few miles into Ukraine, the team encountered their very first patient: a stork that had been struck by a car. Two compassionate individuals had rushed to aid the injured bird when they spotted the mobile veterinary van parked at a nearby gas station. They ran over and brought the stork to the team, who provided the lucky bird with much-needed medical attention. 

A Resilient Survivor

One particularly touching rescue was that of a dog caught in a blast, tragically losing the lower part of his front leg. Thankfully, his owner sought help from Operation Ukraine, and the team responded swiftly. They bandaged the dog’s wound, provided long-course painkillers and antibiotics, and offered comfort to both the pup and his devoted owner. Plans are underway to secure a prosthetic limb, but in the meantime, this brave dog is enjoying a happier and healthier life.

A Dog Battling Against All Odds

Found collapsed and experiencing seizures, Bean’s condition demanded immediate intervention. The team swiftly administered IV fluids to rehydrate him and diazepam to halt the seizures. X-rays revealed a shocking discovery—a bullet lodged in his leg. Bean’s condition was touch and go for a while, but with the expert care provided by Operation Ukraine’s veterinary team, Bean is now on the mend and looking forward to a brighter future.

A Pup Gets New Wheels of Hope

The devastating impact of war has left many dogs abandoned, their lives upended. Sable, a German Shepherd paralyzed from the hips down, is one of those animals. Fortunately, Sable was taken in by three compassionate local women. They knew they needed help to give Sable the life she deserves, and reached out to the Operation Ukraine team. The team provided Sable with a wheelchair, instantly lifting her spirits and transforming her life. She is now able to navigate her surroundings with newfound freedom. 

A Cat’s Precious Connection

In the middle of a war zone, the team was reminded just how important the human-animal bond is when a cat in critical condition was rushed into the clinic. The cat was pregnant, and the kittens had become trapped inside her, putting her life at risk. So, the team jumped into action to save some lives! It was then that the owner revealed just how important this cat was to her family. The cat was saving her son’s life by helping him cope with PTSD from being in the war.

About Operation Ukraine: 

Operation Ukraine is a mobile veterinary clinic operating in collaboration between SPCA International, Worldwide Vets, and Street Dog Coalition. It stands as a beacon of hope for animals in Ukraine, offering a lifeline to those affected by the war. 

To support Operation Ukraine, consider making a donation or purchasing an Operation Ukraine t-shirt