Rescued Puppies Now Safe Thanks to You

A group of U.S. soldiers deployed in the Middle East stumbled upon Rye, Copenhagen, Bongo, and Whiskey nestled in a bag discarded on the side of a bridge. The compassionate soldiers immediately took the puppies in. Without them, these innocent animals would not have survived. 

For months, the soldiers and their newfound furry companions bonded, growing closer and closer. With their deployments ending soon, the soldiers contacted us for assistance. They needed help to bring their beloved patriot pets home.

Military protocols barred these loyal dogs from accompanying their saviors on military flights, leaving the soldiers with few options. Fearing the fate of the pups if separated, they turned to us for hope. Thanks to the incredible generosity of SPCA International donors, we rallied funds to ensure the safe journey of Rye, Copenhagen, Bongo, and Whiskey.

Today, these pups are under our care at our facility in Iraq. Our dedicated team is working tirelessly to prepare them for their much-awaited freedom flights to the U.S. Every detail is being tended to – from health checks and vaccinations to essential paperwork – all in preparation for their upcoming journey.

We’re eager to share the heartwarming reunions that lie ahead, so stay tuned for updates!