Remembering Kengue

Kengue was a gentle street dog loved by all who met him. People in the community had been doing their best to feed and care for him despite having little to no money to provide for their own human families. In Venezuela, where Kengue lived, people live in extreme poverty, suffering from malnutrition, starvation, and disease. So despite wanting to help Kengue, when Kengue developed a tumor, those around him had no way of getting him the veterinary care he needed. They had no money, local clinic, or means of transportation. 

Sadly, Kengue’s tumor grew as he waited for help. When one of our Veterinary Supply Aid partners was alerted about Kengue, they rushed to help. Kengue’s tumor was removed, and he received chemotherapy. We were hopeful this would be the start of his new life, but Kengue was much sicker than the veterinary team had anticipated. He was much older than he looked. Unfortunately, the tumors returned. 

Kengue spent his last days in a foster home where, thanks to your generous support, he received hospice care and was showered with love. Even if it was for a short time, we are happy that Kengue felt at home and part of a family. 

We wish Kengue’s case were rare, but unfortunately, many animals in impoverished countries cannot receive the critical care they need because of a lack of resources. We are committed to doing everything we can to change this. 

Through our Veterinary Supply Aid and Shelter Support Fund programs we are supporting efforts around the globe to provide more low-cost and free veterinary care and ensure that local clinics have the essential medical supplies and medicines to serve their communities. With Kengue in our hearts, we will continue to fight for others like him.