Relief for India as COVID-19 Continues

The pandemic is beginning to wane in many countries, but in some it is at its worst. India is experiencing a spike in cases and new lockdowns, creating a difficult situation for people and animals.

In India, animals that used to depend on restaurants and other businesses for garbage are struggling to find food. Rescue groups are understaffed because many staff and volunteers are falling ill or are unable to continue their work. Supply chain issues have made everything from kibble to medical supplies more expensive, and international adoptions have been halted for over a year.

Thanks to many generous SPCA International supporters, we are rushing grants to help these organizations in India continue their critically important work of saving and improving animal lives.

Dharamsala Animal Rescue: This organization has reached thousands of animals through their amazing work. They will use their grant to provide veterinary care, food and shelter and to promote local adoptions. Through their programs, they are changing attitudes toward stray dogs, improving lives and helping dogs find forever homes.

Stray Dog Support: This organization supports a network of individual animal welfare activists who provide food and care to stray dogs and cats. Stray Dog Support will use its grant to make sure community caretakers can keep caring for the animals that depend on them for survival in India. 

Pawsitive Sanctuary: This organization saves countless lives through its stray animal feeding program. Though they can’t rescue every animal from the streets, Pawsitive Sanctuary brings in and cares for those with injuries, tumors, and other disabilities. They make a lifelong commitment to care for animals that can’t survive on the streets and are unlikely to find forever homes.

Tom Animal Welfare Society: This shelter organization is committed to saving the lives of animals in India and has a new shelter facility to house rescued animals. In addition to rescuing animals in need, they provide medical outreach and education to improve the lives of animals large and small in India.

Manali Strays: This incredible organization reaches about 1,000 animals each year and will use its grant to rescue and rehabilitate stray animals, run their mobile clinic for minor medical conditions, sterilize pets and strays, vaccinate stray dogs and cats and provide community education once lockdown regulations are lifted.