Portugal Spayathon Success!

Stray cat populations are manageable with intentional TNVR (Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate, Release) programs, which is why SPCA International proudly supports SOS (Sterilize our Strays) Algarve Animals in Portugal. 

Their recent spayathon reached 293 cats and 90% were strays! This is significant because stray cats are highly likely to reproduce. If left to their own devices, a female cat can have two or three litters a year and produce hundreds of kittens in her lifetime. 

Sterilizing female and male stray cats drastically reduces the number of stray cats, allowing the existing population to better access food and care from their human neighbors. It also means cats don’t become a nuisance in their communities and people can better respond when cats are visibly hurt or sick. 

In addition to treating cats, SOS Algarve Animals also sterilized 21 dogs during their recent campaign for a grand total of 314 animals. We look forward to all they will continue to accomplish on behalf of animals in Portugal!