Over 700 Animals Treated

Each year, SPCA International partners with under-resourced animal welfare groups in developing countries to put on spay and neuter clinics. One of our longstanding partners in this work is Spay Panama. This is an incredible group of volunteer veterinarians, technicians and local citizens that come together to offer sterilizations and veterinary care on a large scale. This December 14th and 15th, they held an event in Llano Bonito, Chitre, Panama where they treated over 700 animals, as shown in the photos below.

December 2019 Llano Bonito, Chitre, Panama – SPCA International partner organization, Spay Panama, treated 708 animals! All animals were spayed/neutered, dewormed, ears cleaned and treated for fleas.
Little puppy waking up from anesthesia after a quick spay. She has a long and healthy life to look forward to.
Caring volunteers include local animal advocates, veterinarians and veterinarians in training who donate their time. This volunteer is keeping a pup warm after treatment.
An owner holds his cat as she wakes up after her spay. Because cats can have multiple litters of kittens each year, this one spay can save hundreds or even thousands of kittens from being born.
Spay Panama has a well-designed system they use to organize sterilization and veterinary care events in communities across the country.
Professional veterinarians and veterinarians in training are joined by local volunteers that help organize the process and provide aftercare for the animals that have been treated.
Just another happy customer! Many families in Panama simply don’t have the financial resources to have their animals spayed or neutered. Events like this are essential for controlling the dog and cat population in low-income communities.
Wake up sleepy head! Your whole life awaits! This little pup is just one of many born in the last year. However, by sterilizing hundreds of animals in one area, the number of new births in the community will decline. This is essential for a healthy animal population.