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Mega Spay Campaign Underway in Panama

By Pat Chan

Update from Oct 1st 2013

The third consecutive mega spay event done in Panama in association with SPCAI kicked off at 8am in Las Mañanitas at the Santa Ascencion del Señor Church.

Low-income families love their pets but cannot keep all the litters of puppies and kittens that are born up to three times a year. Where do they go?…to the streets to suffer hunger, mistreatment, cruelty.

Thanks to your support to SPCAI and SpayPanama, you can help avoid unwanted litters.

Update from Oct 2nd 2013

Second day of mega spay event in 24 de Diciembre, thanks to SPCAI.

Thanks to your support, you will be saving thousands of animals and improving the lives of their guardians that won't have to continue with the horrible practice of dumping the puppies and kittens in the garbage dumps.

Animals deserve respect and care from human beings. But we cannot allow indiscriminate reproduction. Overpopulation of dogs and cats promotes cruelty and mistreatment.

Update from Oct 3rd 2013

Third day of mega spay event thanks to SPCAI. Despite a torrential rain, people like Senora Anayansi brings her seven dogs to be spayed.

Update from Oct 5th 2013

We did it! Thanks to our amazing team of volunteers and veterinarians, a total of 1,317 animals were sterilized. These animals will all live longer, healthier, safer lives thanks to this life-changing surgery. Thank you to SPCA International for the financial support that allows this campaign to happen.

It was a grueling spay event. Torrential rains and stifling heat. On behalf of the most needy, thank you very much SPCAI for making this mega spay event possible. Together we can make a difference.