Max in Romania

By Lori Kalef, SPCA International staff

The streets of Romania are filled with some of the most beautiful and friendly dogs on earth. They wander endlessly through their long days and nights in search of scraps of food, shelter from the harsh climate and refuge from the frequent encounters by abusive humans.

In the last two years, Romania has received worldwide attention in regard to the way hundreds of thousands of stray dogs have been managed, destroyed and brutally abused. All across social media we have heard their cries and we have seen their awful pictures. Max is one of the rare Romanian stories with a happy ending.

As a young and naive street pup, Max he was determined to find his way into the heart of a stranger. Unfortunately, he found out too quickly that life on the streets in a Romanian city could be shockingly cruel and unkind.

It is unclear what he was beaten with, but during his time as a homeless stray he was beaten brutally by someone. So brutally that their violence left him with a broken back, and paralyzed for life. Amazingly, his extraordinary will to live kept him going; dragging his broken body behind him through the street. He must have still had faith that someone might come to his rescue.

Sadly, that’s when another group of humans chose to inflict more unimaginable pain. We don’t know who they were, but someone mutilated his body with a razor blade. They cut him all over his lower body over 100 times. That’s when our friends found him.  They had heard reports of Max dragging himself through the streets – even with all the pain and abuse he had an incredible will to survive.

The kind of brutality Max suffered is commonplace in Romania. That is why we must keep working – never stop working – to help the homeless animals of Romania.

Today, against all odds, Max is happy. With a cart to carry his broken back and paralyzed hind legs, he gets around with ease. He is at home among the 70 other rescued animals he lives with. Although he is still shy with strangers, if you offer him a hint of love and a lot of patience, he will give you his trust and melt right into your arms. That’s what I found when he melted into mine – and being given his love was so sweet.

Thanks to donations from supporters like you – many Romanian dogs who deserve love, care and a place to call home will get it, just like Max. It is thanks to your financial support that we are able to work with individuals and organizations in Romania to promote government partnerships, anti-cruelty legislation, education campaigns, spay and neuter initiatives and individual rescues. It is our promise to you that we will continue to join forces and hold hands across the world to help the precious, deserving animals of Romania – just like sweet Max.

Thank you with all our hearts for being part of our team.