Little Miss Muffin’s Rescue

I wanted to share this difficult, but happy story with you that was shared with us by our one of amazing partners, SPAY Panama. This is Little Miss Muffin. She was thrown out of her house when her owners found out she was pregnant. Before she was thrown out, they abused her, resulting in multiple fractures in her leg. She had no where to go and was forced to give birth to her litter in a planter on a walkway. A concerned citizen called SPAY Panama and they immediately set out to find her. By the time they did, her puppies could not be saved and her leg required amputation. But with supplies and funds donated by SPCAI, SPAY Panama was able to give Little Miss Muffin a second chance at life. Thanks to a spay surgery, Little Miss Muffin will never again have to suffer helplessly as her entire litter dies beside her, and she now lives a life of comfort and love.

These are the kind of stories that both break my heart and warm my heart every day. They are only possible thanks to the support of SPCAI staff, volunteers, partner organizations and, most importantly, donors like you. Thank you for helping us give Little Miss Muffin a happy ending.