Lemonade “Give-Back” Donations Total $295,785!

Thank you to Lemonade and their customers! SPCA International is honored to be one of the organizations Lemonade customers choose to support through the innovative “give-back” program.

Lemonade is a home and renters insurance company that has built social good into their business model. They charge customers a flat fee and reserve the rest of customers’ premiums to pay claims. If there is any money left over at the end of the year, that money goes to the customer’s charity of choice as a “give-back” donation.

Here at SPCA International, we are so grateful to everyone who chose to donate their unused premium to help animals this year. The “give-back” amount totals $295,785 and is more than we ever imagined!

This donation will allow SPCA International to continue our life-saving work around the globe.

Thank you to EVERYONE involved with Lemonade. From the visionary founders to the customers who selected SPCA International for their “give-back” donation, our work wouldn’t be possible without incredible people like you.