Killer the Cat

by Stephanie Scott, SPCAI staff This darling cat took a U.S. military base in Egypt by storm with Killer looks, Killer licks, and Killer cuteness. OMG – we can’t get over this guy! Killer will be rescued by the SPCAI team this week. We expect he will arrive at his new home in St. Paul, MN, by May 5th where he will await Corporal. Nick’s return from deployment with the Army National Guard. In Nick’s application for acceptance into the OBP: Worldwide rescue program, he answered a few questions about Killer’s life on base in Egypt. How did your relationship with Killer begin? “He was given his name by the group before us and has never left. When I first arrived at my compound, I instantly created a bond with him. Everyone knows that he is my cat because he is always with me. I started to feed him and sleep with him, which created trust between us. I always make sure he eats and drinks water throughout the day. It is actually funny because he will listen when I tell him to follow me to my room. Being able to snuggle up to me is his favorite part of the day!” What is Killer’s living situation on base? “Killer lives inside of my platoon’s compound. He sleeps either outside, or in anyone’s room. The majority of the time, he will follow me into my room after shift. He loves to cuddle!” What’s a typical day like on base for Killer? “A typical day for Killer usually involves a nap in the morning. Once he is awake, he likes to roam around and get some fresh air outside. He plays with his cat toys and hangs around the platoon. Later in the day he gets pretty hyper and loves to play with the two other cats that live in our compound. He gets tired at about 10pm, and this is when he finds a room to sleep in (usually mine).” Readers: what is your favorite Killer pose in this bunch?