Keeva is Safe!

Thanks to many generous individuals, Keeva is now safe. This sweet pup was being kicked, slapped and spit on when Staff Sergeant Renee stepped in to save her from abuse. When the Staff Sergeant and her team were ordered back to the U.S. they were devastated to know that Keeva might be left behind to fall back into the hands of people who would hurt her.

SPCA International is so proud to help soldiers like Renee rescue the pets they adopt overseas. These dedicated pet parents will do anything to save their babies, but their hands are tied with military orders that prohibit pets from traveling on official transportation.

Our Middle East team is a small group of dedicated individuals who care for dogs like Keeva while their health certificates and travel paperwork are prepared and processed. Their work is truly a labor of love that delivers dozens of animals each year into the waiting arms of the service men and women who love them.

We are thrilled to share that Keeva is safe with our team now. She is being pampered and cared for while her travel arrangements are made, and we expect her to arrive in the U.S. to be reunited with Staff Sergeant Renee in the next few days.  

These two will be forever grateful to every single person who helped them reunite with one another. From generous individual donors to the caring team in the Middle East, none of this work would be possible without the dedication of truly incredible individuals.