Join Us This Giving Tuesday

2020 has been a year like no other. Many people have endured unprecedented hardships and my heart breaks for each and every person who has struggled this year.

I have been reflecting on what is important in life. The health and safety of my loved ones and the causes I care most about. For me, the health and safety of animals remains a priority because I know how much animals are suffering amidst the global crisis we are currently facing.

This holiday season, I ask those who can, to stand with us on Giving Tuesday. This global day of giving provides an opportunity for all to start the holiday season by supporting the causes near and dear to their hearts.

As with any humanitarian crisis, animals are suffering even more than humans right now. Globally, pets have been abandoned because of decimated family finances, dogs and cats who scavenge for food on the streets of developing countries no longer have restaurant dumpsters or tourists to depend on for a bite to eat, and abuse is rampant as desperate people take out their fear and anger on innocent animals.

On Giving Tuesday, the week after Thanksgiving, please consider giving whatever you can to help animals in need. SPCA International exists to connect animal lovers like you with the most pressing animal welfare needs around the globe.

Since March, the calls and emails have been constant. Shelters and rescue groups are on the brink of collapse. They are lacking volunteers, can’t complete international adoptions, have lost local financial support or simply can’t find the food and supplies they need to serve the influx of animals who need them. This year, your generosity will mean more than ever to the shelters and rescue groups working to keep feeding, sheltering and healing the hungry, homeless and hurt animals all around the world.