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It is Life or Death For 200 Dogs Abandoned at Texas Boarding Kennel

Submitted by Becky Haisma, Founder, Paws in the City, Dallas TX

In December 2013, 293 dogs were abandoned at a boarding kennel outside of Dallas, TX. They were abandoned by a rescue organization that ran out of funding and could no longer pay their boarding fees. The animal loving kennel owners spent their savings attempting to find homes for these abandoned animals. They were successful in placing 93 of the animals with local rescue groups and private homes. Now the remaining 200 face the risk of euthanasia without outside help. The kennel continues their efforts to get more placed and adopted, but without funds they are quickly running out of time.

Donations are desperately needed to pay for water, heat/air conditioning, electric, food, medicines and minimal staffing to feed, medicate, walk and exercise the dogs in play yards.

Most of the dogs are pits/pit mixes although there are about 50-70 that are "other" mixes. This makes it even harder to find placement. Some have been through the Prison Training Program.

Donations: can be made through a local non-profit, Paws of Hope, and their Happy Endings Relief Fund.
You can donate online at www.campdiggybones.com.

Checks can be mailed to:

Mail a check payable to: Paws of Hope
Camp Diggy Bones c/o Paws of Hope
10785 Hwy 205
Lavon, TX 75166

If interested in adopting or if you know a local rescue organization that can assist with relocation or placement please contact Thea at [email protected].

Click here to view photos and descriptions of the dogs in need of adoption or relocation. It is now life or death for each of these precious souls. Please help in any way you can.