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Introducing Apollo’s Aid!

There’s nothing quite like the bond between humans and their pets. Since we launched our military programs, we have seen firsthand the many benefits that animals provide to the troops both on the field and at home. Whether they help our heroes cope while stationed overseas or help them adjust to life back home, these beloved animals are truly irreplaceable. That is why we are so excited to announce that our Operation Military Pets program is expanding and will be able to help more people and animals than ever before. And to better represent everything it now has to offer, the program is being renamed Apollo’s Aid. 

Apollo’s Aid is named after a brave dog named Apollo, who was rescued by a U.S. service member in 2018. Before being rescued, Apollo suffered severe abuse at the hand of locals. In his honor, Apollo’s Aid will offer:

Permanent Change of Station Support:

When military families receive orders to move to a new duty station, the cost of relocating their furry companions can be unexpected and overwhelming. Unfortunately, the military doesn’t cover pet relocation expenses, leaving many families in a difficult situation. In order to keep military families and their pets together and reduce the number of animals surrendered to shelters, we offer financial assistance to help with pet transportation costs. This assistance is available to military families from all branches of the armed forces.

Medical Assistance:

Following Apollo’s rescue, he received significant medical attention that emphasized the importance of ensuring our dedicated service members have the means to care for their beloved pets. To honor Apollo, Apollo’s Aid will offer financial assistance for emergency medical cases to all military members, including active duty, veterans, reservists, and DOD contractors.

Refugee Assistance:

During the conflicts in Afghanistan and Ukraine, we received heartbreaking messages from individuals who were forced to leave their pets behind while fleeing for their safety. We were determined to help these families reunite with their furry friends. In line with this mission, Apollo’s Aid will provide support to refugees displaced from their homes and requiring assistance for their beloved pets.

To learn more about Apollo’s Aid or to submit an application, visit: spcai.org/apollos-aid