Impact in Liberia

SPCA International exists to leverage the generosity of donors to reach some of the most at risk and in need animals in the world. Liberia Animal Welfare and Conservation Society is a perfect example of the impact our North America supporters can have in developing countries.

In Liberia, where most people live on under $2 per day, the costs of vaccines and veterinary care for pets can be painfully out of reach, which is why funds donated through SPCA International go so far. Liberia Animal Welfare and Conservation Society’s village-to-village veterinary program provides vaccines, wound care, food and other basic veterinary attention to ensure pets are as safe and healthy as possible. 

Animal welfare is a fairly new concept in Liberia, so the organization has paired their assistance programs with a community education approach that engages school children through “Animal Kindness Clubs”. These clubs operate in over 40 schools and create opportunities for children to discover their innate passion and love for animals, and how to care for pets.

Liberia Animal Welfare and Conservation Society has proudly been serving communities since 2000, has persevered through COVID-19. SPCA International is thrilled to count this organization as a key partner.