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Hundreds of leashes and collars delivered to the dogs of Tanzania!

By Lori Kalef, Program Manager

In the fall of last year, our team travelled to East Africa to work alongside our remarkable partners at TAWESO, who are making enormous strides for the welfare of all animals in Tanzania. During one of their organized free vaccine clinics, we were astonished to witness the many dogs with painful injuries caused by makeshift leashes and collars constructed from metal wires and scraps of steel thread. Open wounds and infections were a common theme among the animals due to these improvised collars embedding into their necks. Because these clinics focus on poverty stricken areas, resources and money are scarce, so we knew we had to do something about it. That is when we turned to you and you came through!

Thanks to your support we were able to deliver a sizable grant to TAWESO in order to purchase much needed leashes and collars that are now being handed out during clinics in the rural areas of Tanzania. These initial efforts are helping hundreds of dogs avoid this kind of pain and suffering. We couldn’t help but share what Dr.Kahema had to say about this campaign made possible thanks to your support:

“Our team always talks about SPCAI as the pillar of Tanzania Animal Welfare Society and we are so much encouraged and motivated to work with you and we will reach many suffering animals in various parts of Tanzania this year of 2016.

We are so grateful for your generous support and it’s clear to see through these images that the dogs are too!