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Home at Last

Syri and Rubble represent SPCA International’s Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide program so well. 

Without the soldiers who saved them, both would be dead today. Syri was found nearly frozen to death and Rubble was buried in a pile of debris. Their soldiers nursed them back to health, kept them safe, and bonded with them. Like many other soldiers, they couldn’t imagine leaving their battle buddies behind to suffer and die at the end of their deployments.

Both soldiers were ready to do anything necessary to save their dogs, but the military prohibits the transportation of animals. That’s why they reached out to SPCA International for help.

Thanks to the generosity of the SPCA International community we raised the money to rescue Syri and Rubble. The soldiers delivered them to our Middle East team. Then they received 24-hour care while we completed their paperwork. 

SPCA International supporters made these and so many other rescues possible. In the difficulty and urgency of their rescues, Syri and Rubble aren’t unique. Every rescue is complicated and costly. That is why SPCA International depends on the generosity of our supporters.

Syri’s rescue was complicated. When Syri and her SPCA International rescue expert arrived at the airport, Syri was turned away because the full flight was nearing the maximum weight capacity. International rescues are always delicate and even the best-laid plans can fall apart in an instant.

Syri was taken back to the boarding facility to await our second attempt. All her medical checks and paperwork were redone for her new travel date. Fortunately, Syri made it through on the second try. Navy Engineer Corey is so grateful to each and every person who donated to Syri’s rescue. He keeps telling the SPCA International team, “I am so lucky”.

Rubble crossed many international borders to make it to Master Sergeant Laurens’ home in the U.S., but he finally made it. Rubble’s rescue was tricky because he was at a confidential location with a special forces team, on a confidential mission.

Though we can’t share all the details, it meant that Rubble was rescued by a chain of people across a region. Each played a special role in ensuring his safety every day and every step along the way. Fortunately, everything fell into place quickly. Thanks to an outpouring of support from SPCA International supporters, Rubble was able to travel within days of Sergeant Laurens’ team. Rubble is now happy and healthy with Sergeant Laurens and his family.