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Holiday Shopping Made Easy

Each year SPCA International staff share their favorite pet items and this might be our best list yet! With toys, beds, carriers, feeders, grooming items and more, we hope you find something for the pets and pet people on your holiday shopping list this year. 

A special SPCA International partner, The PetaBox is donating $1 to SPCAI for every one of their innovative dog and cat products sold! Some of our favorite items include this Portable Dog Water Bottle that includes its own bowl, this discrete Portable Pooper Scooper and this Self Rotating Robot Cat Toy!

A lifesaver for tired paws on long hikes or trips, there is a K9 Sport Sack for every size of pup, no matter their (and their pet parents’) lifestyle. With features like side vents, detachable storage bags and padded straps, these pet carriers are simply incredible. 

The Rolly Cannoli is a genius toy that keeps pups busy without making a mess! The special design keeps hard and soft treats (even peanut butter) from falling out. Not only is this toy fun and tidy, but it also floats and comes in multiple colors! We’re not sure who will love this toy more, pups or pup parents. 

Keeping pups busy can be a challenge, but the Wobble Wag Giggle Ball can provide hours of intrigue for curious dogs. This flexible ball is made of durable vinyl, “giggles” when moved to a new angle, and features multiple “pockets” so dogs large and small can pick it up! 

Late-night walkers and wanderers are easily seen with these Glowing Pet Collars! With a lithium-ion battery, these weather-resistant collars can be sized to fit any pet. They keep pets safe because they can be seen from 500 meters and include three different “glow modes”. 

This Automatic Pet Feeder is a sanity saver for busy pet parents who want to “set it and forget it”. Pet parents can program the feeder to dispense a specific amount of food up to ten times a day. Even better, humans can include a 10-second “meal call” recording to tell their pets it is time to eat!

For the bored or anxious pet, these Lick Mats can be a lifesaver! Designed to accommodate hard and soft foods on horizontal or vertical surfaces, the mats can keep pets busy during long days at home or stressful activities like baths. They are even dishwasher safe, which keeps clean-up easy.  

This Car Seat Cover and Hammock is 100% waterproof and durable to keep pets safe and vehicles pristine. It can be used as a traditional back seat cover, in the hatch of an SUV or it can be converted into a hammock between the front and back seats – a feature that is particularly helpful for smaller pets. 

Wisdom Panel DNA tests for cats and dogs provides valuable insight into pet ancestry, breed, traits and health risks. Tests involve a simple swab returned to the lab through pre-paid shipping and results are ready in just a couple of weeks. 

Pups are as unique as their coats, which is why Pride + Groom provides pet grooming products based on coat type! From shampoos and conditioners to products for in-between baths, pups will be soft and nice smelling for weeks!

A good sleep makes everyone happy, which is why this Calming Pet Bed is so great! High walls and super soft shag fabric keeps dogs or cats cozy and happy for restful naps and nights. They look so nice, we wish they made them for people too!

The Doggy Bathroom is a gamechanger for the way pups potty. Designed like a litter box for dogs, the Doggy Bathroom provides horizontal and vertical surfaces with liquid absorption and odor masking. This product is great for pups that spend many hours at home or don’t like venturing into bad weather. 

This Cat Tunnel Bed does double duty as a cozy bed and a fun tunnel! Cats will be content to lounge in the bed and play in the double entrance tunnel. It even comes with a hanging toy to keep kitties occupied. 

Great for busy kitties, this two-pack of Silvervine Stick Chew Toys includes one Catnip Ball Toy and one Bell Toy. Constructed of handwoven silvervine sticks, cats’ teeth are cleaned as they play. These all-natural chew toys are sure to keep cats busy for hours. 

The Hartz Just For Cats® Peek and Play™ Cat Toy requires no assembly, which makes it a perfect holiday gift. With several windows, toys and a detachable scratcher, cats can have fun and maintain healthy nails.