Fiji Spay and Neuter Clinic

SPCA International is proud to support CLAW (Communities, Legislature & Animal Welfare). They recently held a series of successful spay and neuter clinics in Fiji.

CLAW is doing great work on Fiji’s scattered islands.

Their recent clinics were held over ten days at nine different locations! They sterilized 390 animals on the islands of Suva and Beqa.

Thanks to the generosity of SPCA International supporters, we were able to send a shipment of veterinary supplies along with a grant to help CLAW.

CLAW brought together veterinarians, recent graduates and nurses from four countries. Along with many community volunteers, they made this a truly successful event.

CLAW also uses an innovative system of “Certificates in Animal Welfare”. These certificates give communities tangible goals to work toward. Two communities earned their “Bronze Certificates in Animal Welfare” during this campaign.

The beautiful islands of Fiji are home to glitzy resorts, but many locals live in poverty. Without help, they wouldn’t be able to afford to sterilize their animals.

During the past year, CLAW has sterilized over 1,200 animals. They are doing truly incredible work. Sterilizations save thousands of animals from being born into situations where they can’t be cared for. CLAW is looking forward to adding a vaccine component to future clinics to further improve the lives of animals.