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Eradicating Rabies One Vaccine at a Time

World Rabies Day calls attention to a harsh reality. Over 50,000 people die from rabies every year. Heartbreakingly, many who die are children from impoverished communities in developing countries. 

Thankfully, rabies vaccines provide a solution. That’s why SPCA International is providing targeted grants to five partner organizations in Africa and Asia that are holding World Rabies Day events this month. Though they work to vaccinate animals and educate communities all year long, this day is particularly important for bringing attention to rabies vaccines. 

In much of the developing world, many dogs are not vaccinated, which means they can contract and spread rabies to humans. This puts people and dogs at risk of death. It also stigmatizes dogs which means they suffer from unnecessary neglect and cruelty. 

SPCA International is proud to support the rabies vaccination efforts of Stray Animal Foundation of India, Tanzania Animals Protection Organization, TAHUCHA, Lake Zone Animal Welfare and Tanzania Animal Welfare Society this World Rabies Day. 

By making rabies and other vaccines available alongside rabies education to at-risk communities, their efforts will save lives and improve conditions for dogs and people.