Chachi’s Story

Many dogs who are labeled as “too aggressive” are simply untrained or misunderstood. That’s exactly what happened to Chachi.

Chachi and another dog were removed from near the nuclear reactor in Chernobyl because of concerns about aggression. Thankfully, our partner organization quickly realized they weren’t actually aggressive dogs. Chachi and his friend were quite loud, simply because they had never been properly socialized or trained.

Chachi’s companion quickly found a forever home, but Chachi started struggling after his buddy left. An incredible group, Mission K9, agreed to bring Chachi to their facility and work with him.

The dedicated people at Mission K9 learned that Chachi feels most comfortable when he has another dog with him. The team quickly introduced Chachi to Tess, a pup that had nearly completed certification for bomb-detection but was too friendly to go into that line of work.

We shared Chachi and Tess’s story with the SPCA International community when they were ready for forever homes. We were all thrilled when a wonderful retired Massachusetts military couple stepped up to become their forever family.

Today, Chachi and Tess are well adjusted in their new home. Chachi is protective of Tess and his human family, but he isn’t aggressive. His new pet parents think he must be part shepherd because he often herds kids and keeps an eye on them while they play. When he isn’t working to keep his family members safe, Chachi is a big couch potato who loves snuggles.

If you are considering adopting a dog, please keep Chachi in mind. There are many resources available to help dogs learn to trust humans and live happily with a family. A dog passed over by others could be just who you need in your life.