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Brrrr: Cold Weather tips

By SPCAI Staff

As we near the end of 2018 the temperatures are going to continue to drop for most us. You’re probably pulling out your heavy socks and puffy coats to help you keep nice and toasty when you’re outside. It’s important to remember how we can keep our four-legged friends happy and healthy during the late fall and winter months. 

Bundling Up: Not every dog or cat is built for cold snowy weather. Walks should be adjusted according to how cold it is outside, the lower the temperature the shorter the walk. Short-haired pets may need an extra layer when outside, but remember that in very cold weather long-haired pets may also need an added layer. Cats and dogs are susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia, do not leave your pets outside for long periods of time.

Paws: There are many pet-friendly alternatives for ice-melt but you should still protect your pet’s feet from ice-melt and snow. You can do this with booties, but if your dog is like mine and absolutely hates booties use Musher’s Wax to prevent paw pads from drying out and remember to routinely wipe snow and ice from their paws during walks.

Cars: Antifreeze is incredibly toxic, if you have a car make sure to clean up any spills that occur and to wipe off your pets paws (and stomach if low to the ground) when coming inside incase they have walked through some.  Outdoor and stray cats can also hide in cars for warmth during the colder months, check underneath your car and bang on the hood or honk the horn before starting the engine to encourage them to vacate their roost.

The winter can be a fun time for everyone, just remember to protect your pet so they can have fun too!