Brew is Cruisin’ Home

By Emma Koeniger , SPCAI Staff

In November we received an overwhelming amount of support for Brew, the little dog with the broken paw who had formed a bond with a U.S. Army Sgt. on deployment in Kosovo. After our partners drove 9 hours to bring Brew to their clinic in Romania we were able to see the extent of Brew’s injuries. On x-ray it was confirmed that Brew was shot and the bullet still lodged in her chest. Additionally, due to being purposefully hit by a car while living on the streets, Brew’s front right paw had to be amputated. Thankfully this girl is a survivor and being less one limb doesn’t seem to bother this little firecracker at all! She has recovered so well from the surgery and is in tip-top shape.

We had originally planned to fly Brew to the United States in December, but flight cancelations and her surgery set back her timeline. Our OBP: Worldwide team worked endlessly to facilitate this rescue and we are so happy to say that while you read this Brew is up in the air on her way to JFK airport in New York. After she lands Brew will have a short rest and another veterinary exam, and then be on her way to Sgt. David’s family in the Boston area where she will await his return from deployment. We are thankful to report that she won’t have to wait long; Sgt. David is due home before April. Stay tuned for news and photos from Brew and Sgt. David’s reunion!