A New Lease on Life for Courage

Thanks to many generous individuals, Courage is on the mend. Truly one of the most heartbreaking cases we have seen, somebody had cut his tongue out and he was struggling to eat and drink. The scars covering his body tell a story of dogfighting, a cruel and criminal practice.

With the support of friends near and far, Courage is receiving the best care and training possible so he can live a normal life. He has learned to eat and drink, and he absolutely loves people. Courage has an incredible spirit and here at SPCA International, we are excited to continue watching his journey.

Many other dogs like Courage are healing from the trauma of dogfighting. Each one has their own physical and emotional scars, but they are not beyond saving. Even though rescue groups depend on donations and volunteer labor, they continue to rescue dogfighting victims. Kind and caring people tend to wounds, build trust and help these dogs experience love for the first time in their lives.  

Each year, SPCA International dedicates special grants to animal welfare groups rescuing dogs from the fighting ring. Every donation makes this important work possible and helps bring our world closer to the end of this horrendous practice. Please, make a donation today to stand up against dogfighting.

On behalf of all the dogs who will have hope restored to their lives, thank you.