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COVID-19 Reflections

By Meredith Ayan, Executive Director

With our SPCA International headquarters located in New York City, we have felt the profound effects of COVID-19. Our staff members have done their part to slow the spread of the virus by working from home and only leaving for the most essential tasks. We have known neighbors, former classmates and friends who have fallen ill and even passed away. Our hearts and thoughts are with all those here in New York, across the country and around the globe who are healing, grieving, job searching and getting by any way they can.

I am immensely proud of the work our team, our supporters and our partners across the globe have continued to achieve, even during these difficult times. As we begin to transition toward a “new normal”, I am reflecting on some of the positive effects of this pandemic.

The global community has been forced to slow down, reconnect with family, and remember how to live without constantly running from one task to the next. We have strengthened communication strategies and business systems to accomplish our work even when we can’t be together.

In addition to the effects on people, our planet is also healing. Pollution and noise are down, and many animals are thriving and taking back their natural habitats. Animals are coming out of hiding in US national parks, and populations are increasing in unprecedented numbers. When we look back on COVID-19, I hope we remember the good that came out of this harrowing situation. I hope we remember to reduce our pollution, slow down our lives, and generously share our planet with animals.

At SPCA International, we are as busy now as we ever were. We have gotten our commute time back, quieted our lives and rededicated ourselves to new ways of problem-solving. We remain committed to our mission, advancing the safety and well-being of animals.