The West Bank Evacuees Have Arrived!

Nearly four months and 7,500 miles later, the dogs evacuated from the West Bank officially made it to New York! As our team eagerly waited on the tarmac for the plane doors to open, we could hardly contain our excitement. This mission has not been easy. We encountered challenge after challenge along the way. As soon as Lukas, a charming three-legged pup, was the first to step off the plane, we couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. The sight of his wagging tail melted our hearts and brought tears of joy to our eyes. At that moment, knowing that we had finally brought these innocent animals to safety felt nothing short of a miracle — one made possible only through the unwavering support of our donors, partners, and volunteers.

It was an incredibly long journey for these dogs, from the West Bank to Tel Aviv, then to Liege, Belgium, before finally arriving in the United States. Understandably nervous and timid, their anxiety melted away at the sight of Maad Abu-Ghazalah, the founder of Daily Hugz, who had saved them from danger in the West Bank. Seeing a familiar face turned scared whimpers into tail wags and cuddles, assuring them of their newfound safety.

The team at The Ark at JFK and our dedicated staff and volunteers worked tirelessly into the night, unloading the dogs, conducting veterinary checks, and providing them with food, water, and affection. We couldn’t help but fall in love with every one of them.

After giving the dogs a day to rest, the mission picked up again at 5 AM on Sunday. Running on little sleep but lots of excitement, our team met back up at The Ark to help load 27 of the dogs onto a transport truck bound for Farmingdale Airport. A Race for Life plane waited to take them to their next destination. There, we handed off the dogs to the Race for Life team. With a crew comprised of two pilots, a veterinarian, a member of SPCA International, and a plane full of pups; the journey commenced. The initial stop was Michigan where DAWG eagerly awaited to welcome ten pups into their care.

After waving goodbye to these special dogs, Race for Life journeyed to Indiana, where Magnificent Mutts Rescue embraced eight pups into their care. It was especially cold and windy on the tarmac, but all you could see was the joy on everyone’s faces as the dogs were unloaded from the plane and into the Mag Mutts Rescuer van. Looking around, it was clear what an incredible team effort the entire mission had been.

The day’s final stop was Ohio, where Paws for Miles extended a warm welcome to 9 dogs, including Lukas, who had stolen hearts upon his arrival at JFK Airport. Saying goodbye to this extraordinary boy was hard. We quickly became so attached to him, but we knew he was heading to a fantastic home. Waiting on the tarmac, his new foster mom wasted no time embracing him, declaring him hers forever.

Three states and 27 dogs later, day one was complete, and the fantastic Race for Life team returned to New York to recharge.

The following morning, they set course for Wyoming, transporting 21 more dogs to their awaiting homes. Among them was John Ramer, Executive Director of Kindness Ranch, who had been a steadfast presence since their arrival at JFK Airport. Upon reaching Wyoming, the dogs found refuge at Kindness Ranch, an expansive sanctuary boasting 1,200 acres of land for them to run around. Ten dogs would remain at Kindness Ranch, while the remaining 11 would journey to the West Coast after getting some rest.

After getting sleep and cuddles at Kindness Ranch, the 11 dogs destined for the West Coast were entrusted to Wings of Rescue, a charitable organization dedicated to airlifting at-risk shelter pets to safety. From there, they were whisked away to Rocket Dog Rescue in California and Saving Great Animals in Washington, where new beginnings awaited.

Handling ground transport was Maad Abu-Ghazalah, who drove to Wilmington, North Carolina where he handed off 16 dogs to Two by Two Rescue, an Alabama-based partner, before embarking on a journey home with Jenan, Kareem, Tayba, and Fayrooz – the four dogs he would personally adopt.

It took almost four months to evacuate these precious animals from the West Bank, four days to transport them to partner rescues and foster homes, and hundreds of people to make this evacuation possible. We are eternally grateful to everyone who played a part in this rescue. We could not have done this alone. We want to say thank you to Fly Alliance for helping us secure the plane that brought the dogs to the US, to Wasseem Tahboub, the incredible veterinarian who was by the dogs’ side from the moment they left Daily Hugz until they reached our foster partners, to The Ark for going above and beyond caring for them once they arrived in New York, to RifRuf for providing harnesses, to Race for Life Rescue and Wings of Rescue for taking care of these pups in the air and getting them safely to their destinations, to DAWG, Mag Mutts Rescue, Paws for Miles, Kindness Ranch, Two by Two Rescue, Rocket Dog Rescue, and Saving Great Animals for so kindly agreeing to take in these pups and find them loving homes, and to you our supporters for generously donating to this mission. 

Last but certainly not least, we express our deepest appreciation to Maad Abu-Ghazalah, who initially rescued every one of these dogs – many of them stray and abuse victims. None of these dogs would be here today if it weren’t for him.

To all involved, you are heroes in the truest sense. Because of you, these animals are getting a chance at the life they rightfully deserve.

Now, it’s time to get ready for the next mission!

We invite those interested in adopting a West Bank dog to contact our shelter partners directly.

Shelter Partners: 

Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) – Michigan

Kindness Ranch – Wyoming

Mag Mutts Rescue – Illinois

Paws for Miles – Ohio

Rocket Dog Rescue – California

Saving Great Animals – Washington

Two by Two – Alabama

Building a Legacy of Love

In a world where furry companions often hold a special place in our hearts, Joe and Katy’s dedication to animal welfare shines brightly. Their recent interview with SPCA International sheds light on their profound commitment and the legacy they aim to leave behind.

“Joe and I never had children,” Katy shared, reflecting on their journey. “We wanted to see our legacy carried on in something we feel very passionately about.” Their love for animals knows no bounds, having rescued many throughout their lives. Now, with their estate plans, they hope to ensure that this compassion endures beyond their years, supporting the cause they hold dear.

Their decision to include SPCA International in their estate plans stems from a deep-rooted desire to honor the animals they’ve rescued and those awaiting their turn for love and care. “We are honoring all of the animals we have rescued over the years and those who have yet to be rescued,” Joe emphasized. Their gift is a beacon of hope for voiceless creatures, advocating for their well-being and protection.

Drawing from their volunteer experiences, Joe and Katy have witnessed firsthand the lack of resources and the pressing need for support and education at the local level. That’s why Joe and Katy are big believers of our Shelter Support program, which provides shelters and rescue organizations worldwide with the funds, veterinary supplies, and support needed to accomplish their life-saving work.

“We spent a lot of time volunteering at the Grenada SPCA this year and have seen firsthand the dire need for education and resources at the shelters in other countries. So the fact that this is an international organization doing work all over the world is very important to us,” they shared.

Joe and Katy’s story epitomizes the profound impact individuals can have on the world around them. Through their thoughtful gift, they are honoring their shared love for animals and paving the way for a brighter future for countless creatures worldwide. Their legacy will continue to inspire others to champion the cause of animal welfare with unwavering dedication and compassion.

Want to take the first step towards creating your lasting legacy for animals? Start your free estate plan today!

Fostering: Where love meets second chances!

During life’s most challenging moments, the most healing companions often come with four legs and a wagging tail. At SPCA International, we understand the profound impact animals can have on our journey to healing and rebuilding. 

Our PAWsitive Recovery program is a unique initiative that goes beyond simply finding homes for dogs and cats. It’s about creating a nurturing environment for animals and those who need them most. When individuals are in the midst of addiction treatment or fleeing from domestic violence, their pets can be their most vital lifeline. This is where our fostering program steps in, offering a unique opportunity for these pets to find temporary homes and for their owners to focus on their recovery.

As a foster parent in our PAWsitive Recovery program, you’re not just providing a temporary home. You’re offering love, stability, and hope to these animals. Your role is crucial in this journey. Opening your heart and home provides a safe space for these animals to thrive while their owners focus on regaining their footing. 

The rewards of fostering go beyond the wagging tails and purring cuddles. It’s about the sense of purpose and fulfillment that comes from knowing you’re making a tangible difference in someone’s life. For those in recovery or escaping violence, the knowledge that their beloved pets are safe and loved alleviates immense worry, allowing them to concentrate on their own healing journey. Fostering can truly change lives.

So, if you’ve ever thought about fostering but hesitated, now is the time to take that leap! Join us in creating a community of compassion and support, one paw at a time. Together, we can make a world of difference—for both animals and people in need.

Ready to change the world? Apply to become a foster through our PAWsitive Recovery program.

Unleashing Hope

Last year, Sarah found herself at a crossroads. Battling addiction, she made the brave decision to seek treatment but faced the heart-wrenching reality of leaving her cherished dogs behind. Sarah knew she had to work on her sobriety to give her dogs the best life possible; she had no other choice but to leave them with her ex-husband, who was struggling with addiction. He eventually found himself living on an abandoned farm with Gauge and Serenity. The precious huskies found themselves surrounded by drug use and danger. Sarah knew Gauge and Serenity would not be safe there for very long. That’s when she reached out to us for help.

Through our PAWsitive Recovery program, SPCA International took custody of Gauge and Serenity, placing them in the capable hands of a partner board-and-train facility. This marked the beginning of a transformative journey for both Sarah and her huskies.

Knowing her beloved pets were finally safe, Sarah was able to fully commit to her recovery and rebuilding her life in sobriety. And we’re thrilled to share that she recently achieved an incredible milestone—200 days of sobriety! Sarah now works at the boarding facility, which allows her to spend quality time with Gauge and Serenity while expanding her knowledge of dog behavior.

Once a timid and withdrawn soul, Gauge has blossomed in the nurturing environment of the board-and-train facility. Rebuilding his confidence and refining his socialization skills, he now trusts others, both people and dogs. Fully recovered from his previous injury, Gauge has rediscovered his playful nature.

Serenity, Gauge’s spirited sister, is thriving in her training sessions. Mastering manners and redirecting her boundless energy into positive outlets, she is evolving into a well-behaved and independent canine companion. 

The positive changes in the lives of Sarah, Gauge, and Serenity are a testament to the unwavering support of generous donors. Their compassion and kindness allowed SPCA International to rescue these dogs and facilitate a transformative journey for all involved. In the spirit of gratitude, we extend our heartfelt thanks to the supporters who played a pivotal role in changing three lives and proving that hope and resilience can triumph against adversity.

Let the Countdown Begin!

We’re thrilled to share that a flight date is now confirmed! At the end of the month, 70 lovable pups will bid farewell to the turmoil and violence in the West Bank, beginning their journey to a brighter future in the United States. Touching down at JFK Airport in New York City, our dedicated team will greet them with open arms and plenty of treats. After being rechecked by our stateside veterinary team and a period of decompression, some will be picked up by local shelter partners and head to foster homes, while others will embark on the final leg of their journey to rescue partners across the country. We are excited to give these pups the amazing lives they deserve finally. Thank you for your unwavering support and for making this rescue mission a reality!

A Big THANK YOU to Fly Alliance!

From the beginning, we knew flying so many dogs to the United States would be expensive, but we simply could not turn our backs on these animals in need. Despite the tremendous support from our dedicated followers, there came a point in our planning where we realized we couldn’t fully cover the flight expenses. Determined to make this mission a reality, we reached out to every contact we had, appealing to individuals and companies alike. That’s when we connected with Fly Alliance, a private charter company whose remarkable team enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to help these 70 pups find safety. Sharing our passion for animals, they were eager to contribute to providing these dogs a chance for a brighter future. Thanks to their incredible generosity, we managed to save $60,000 on the plane cost. We express our deepest gratitude to Fly Alliance for stepping in when we needed it most. We trust they will provide exceptional care during these special pups’ freedom flight home.

A Big THANK YOU to Race for Life Rescue!

We express our gratitude to every individual who played a role in making this remarkable mission a reality. A special thank you goes to Race For Life Rescue, a non-profit organization that facilitates air transport for animals. Their mission involves rescuing animals from overcrowded shelters and transporting them to adoption centers where they can find secure and loving homes.

When Race For Life Rescue’s exceptional team learned about our mission, they eagerly stepped forward to lend their support. We are thrilled to announce their involvement in transporting some of the West Bank dogs to our rescue partners across the country. Shortly after these dogs arrive at JFK Airport, the Race for Life Rescue team will assist in transporting them to their final destinations. We extend our heartfelt thanks for their kindness, generosity, and unwavering commitment to aiding animals in need.

Interested in Adopting a West Bank Dog? 

Our mission owes its success to the unwavering support of our dedicated shelter partners across the United States, who have graciously agreed to welcome 70 dogs from the West Bank into their care. While some of these special pups have already found foster homes, many still seek loving forever families. If you’re ready to open your heart and home to one of these deserving companions, we encourage you to contact our shelter partners directly for detailed adoption information. Your decision to adopt can make a lasting impact on the lives of these dogs, providing them with the love and stability they deserve.

Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) – Michigan

Kindness Ranch – Wyoming

Mag Mutts Rescue – Illinois

Paws for Miles – Ohio

Rocket Dog Rescue – California

Saving Great Animals – Washington

Two by Two – Alabama

While the freedom flight for these 70 dogs has been secured, we still need help to cover import fees and costs associated with the final transports to their foster homes, as well as medical care, nourishing food and boarding until they are ready to head to their forever homes. Donate here to support this ongoing effort.

A Soldier’s Best Friend

Amidst the hustle and bustle of a Navy base, an unexpected friendship blossomed, warming the hearts of all who witnessed it. Stinky, a spirited stray dog, found her forever home in the unlikeliest places – the heart of a compassionate Navy Petty Officer on deployment.

The officer stumbled upon Stinky and felt an immediate connection. Recognizing the need to ensure Stinky’s safety and provide her with a loving home, the officer knew he had to take action and took her back to base with him.

As the days turned into weeks, Stinky became more than just a four-legged companion to the officer; she became a morale booster for the entire base. The two formed an inseparable bond. The officer even built Stinky her very own dog house on the base. 

He knew he could not leave her behind when the officer’s deployment ended. He needed to find a way to bring Stinky back to the United States with him. And that’s when he reached out to us for assistance.

Our dedicated team sprang into action, swiftly taking Stinky into our care. She received top-notch treatment, including vaccinations, travel paperwork, and all the love she deserved. Our team ensured every detail was attended to for Stinky’s long-awaited journey home.

The day finally arrived for Stinky to embark on her transcontinental adventure. With her tail wagging and spirits high, Stinky embraced every moment of the journey. And then came the magical reunion. Stinky and her officer were finally back together. The once stray dog, who had found solace in the company of a Navy hero, is now living her best life in America.

Every week, we receive more and more requests from U.S. service members who desperately need help bringing the beloved animals they befriend on deployment to safety. Each rescue can last from a few weeks to several months and costs between $4,000 to $9,000 per animal. We need your help reuniting these U.S. heroes with the animals they love. Donate now.

Reunited and Thriving

One big reason people might hesitate to go into long-term treatment or sober living is that they don’t have anyone to look after their pets. It’s a similar situation for those facing domestic violence – they often can’t seek help because they can’t bring their pets along. We believe nobody should have to part with their furry friends to get the support they need. That’s why, through our PAWsitive Recovery program, we offer temporary housing, food, and medical care for these pets. This way, their owners can focus on getting the help they need to heal. It’s all about helping them rebuild their lives so they can eventually be reunited with their beloved animals and start a new, happier chapter together.

Charlie & Michael

Michael’s motivation for getting sober was coming home and giving his dogs a better life. He knew that getting treatment for his alcoholism was the right thing for him to do for himself, his dogs, his friends, and his family. It wasn’t easy, but knowing that his best friend, Charlie, was in good hands and waiting for him kept him focused on his recovery. When they reunited, Charlie, a high-energy pup who loves to cuddle, could barely control his excitement. We’re thrilled to see them embark on this next adventure together. 

Loki & Kurt

Before his addiction, Kurt loved snowboarding, hiking, biking, and being outdoors. His dog, Loki, was always by his side. In 2020, Kurt’s drinking got out of control, and he lost all of his friends. But he never lost Loki. Even in the worst of times, Loki was by Kurt’s side, giving him the love and support he needed. Eventually, Kurt sought treatment and is now over 100 days sober and reunited with his best friend. They’re rebuilding their lives together and looking forward to what lies ahead.

Want to make other reunions like this possible? Make a donation to our PAWsitive Recovery program today.

It’s Spay & Neuter Month

In recognition of Spay and Neuter Month, SPCA International is awarding shelter partners worldwide with grants totaling over $120,000. This initiative underscores the importance of spaying and neutering stray and owned animals. Beyond controlling overpopulation, spaying and neutering play a pivotal role in reducing the number of homeless animals, alleviating strain on shelters, and promoting healthier lives for pets. Through these grants, we hope to support shelters in their mission to provide care and refuge for animals in need and advocate for responsible pet ownership practices globally. Join us in celebrating this commitment to animal welfare and recognizing the vital role spaying and neutering plays in creating a brighter, more humane future for our furry companions.

Below are some of the exciting Spay & Neuter projects we are sponsoring this month: 


Lake Zone Animal Welfare Organization (LAZAWO): Six spay and neuter clinics for owned and stray animals at various local markets in Mwanza, Tanzania.


Jerusalem SPCA: Trap-Neuter-Release project with the goal of sterilizing 440 street cats in Jerusalem, Israel.


Worldwide Vets: Year-long project to provide sterilizations to stray and owned cats and dogs across Ukraine. 

Tierhilfe K.O.S: Three major sterilization programs that will benefit the stray animals in the island of Samos, Greece.

Help Animals-Cat Shelter Jessica: Trap-Neuter-Release project to provide sterilization surgeries to cats and dogs across Serbia.


Fiona Animal Rescue: Spay and neuter clinic with the goal of sterilizing 130 cats and dogs in underserved communities in Mexico.

Greater Victoria Animal Crusaders (GVAC): Mobile vet spay and neuter clinic for low-income members in Victoria, Canada.

Pet Project Rescue: Spay and neuter surgeries for low-income pet owners and community animal caregivers in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.


Red de Apoyo Canino (RAC): Large spay and neuter project with the goal of sterilizing 1,000 cats and dogs across low-income communities in Venezuela.

Spay Panama: Low-cost and free spay and neuter clinics to sterilize stray and owned animals in Panama.

West Bank Update

An Important Message from our West Bank Partner, Daily Hugz Animal Sanctuary:

Our team is in the final stages of planning the crucial evacuation of the 65 dogs at the Daily Hugz sanctuary in the West Bank. We’re partnering with local rescues across the U.S. to help these lucky dogs find forever homes filled with love. Want to meet some special dogs taking the ride of a lifetime? Dive in and get to know some of the stars of this life-saving flight! 

Nilin: Nilin was rescued after being chased by kids pouring oil on him. He was just a puppy when Daily Hugz took him in. Despite his tough start, he is extremely friendly and loves kids and playing with other dogs.

Sally: Sadly, Sally’s puppies were killed by a group of kids who also tried to hurt her. Despite this,  Sally is very friendly and loves people. At times, she can be reactive around other dogs. Sally has one eye clouded over, but that doesn’t stop this special girl from living her best life.

Farouk & Faysal: Adorable siblings rescued from the street 4 years ago. They are friendly (although Faysal is a little shy) and great with other dogs.

Mayla: Mayla’s history is unknown, but one thing is sure: she is the sweetest tripod you will ever meet.

Kareem: Kareem was found as an abandoned puppy near the Daily Hugz sanctuary. He’s shy at first, but he is very loving and affectionate once he’s comfortable. He will do anything for a belly rub. 

Sukar: Sukar is named after the Arabic word for “sugar” because he’s such a sweet pup. He’s very friendly but also enjoys spending time on his own.

Suhita: Suhita was found as a puppy begging for food at a restaurant. She’s shy but friendly.

Badu: Badu found himself without a home after his owners moved back to Europe. Badu enjoys being around people but can be reactive around other dogs.

Tala & Sunbul: Siblings born at the Daily Hugz sanctuary on New Year’s Day in 2019. Tala is very shy, while Sunbul is friendly and enjoys being around people and other dogs.

Lucky: Lucky was rescued from children throwing rocks at him. Despite the time he spent trying to survive on the street, Lucky is friendly and very calm.

Ava: Ava was surrendered to Daily Hugz by a man whose wife didn’t like dogs. She is quiet, gentle, and enjoys being around people.

Nabila: Nabila has been at Daily Hugz since she was a tiny puppy. Thanks to the team there, she was able to get a benign tumor removed from her back and is now a healthy, happy dog who loves people and other dogs.

Lukas: Lukas is a happy-go-lucky tripod who loves everyone he meets. Having one leg amputated has not slowed him down at all.

Zoe: Zoe is sweet and has adorable markings. She enjoys spending time on her own. 

Meezan: Meezan is a special tripod with the uncanny ability to maintain perfect balance and run around on three legs. He is friendly with people and dogs.

Susu: Susu is shy and takes a while to warm up to people. He also likes to hang out with the donkeys more than with other dogs. 

Malika, Asim, Adil, Hazim & Spot: This precious litter was rescued as orphans after their mom died from parvovirus. Fortunately, the pups were able to receive treatment in time and survive the deadly disease. Since then, they’ve found comfort at Daily Hugz. Malika is shy but friendly. Asim is friendly and demands belly rubs from everyone he meets. Adil is shy and takes a bit to warm up to people. Hazim has never met a person or dog he doesn’t like.

Jenan: Jenan is a feisty and lovable tripod. She loves people but can get defensive around other dogs.

Stay tuned for adoption information. A list of the local partners participating in this mission will be made available soon.

Please help us ensure these precious pups get to safety and into loving forever homes. Donate today to support their evacuation from the West Bank to the United States.

Update Alert! The situation in the West Bank has intensified, and another shelter urgently reached out for assistance. The number of dogs in our mission has risen from 65 to 70. Your support is crucial now more than ever to ensure the safety of these precious animals.

From Battlefields to Best Friends

U.S. servicemembers willingly step into the line of duty, facing challenges and uncertainties that most of us can only imagine. At SPCA International, we believe there’s no better way to express our gratitude for their selfless service than by reuniting these brave men and women with the loyal companions they befriended during their overseas deployments. Through our Patriot Pets program, we recently welcomed a group of Patriot Pets into our care and helped to reunite them with their heroes. With open hearts and wagging tails, these furry friends embarked on freedom flights, preparing for a joyous reunion with the soldiers who mean so much to them. As the holiday season unfolds, we’re thrilled to play a small part in these heartwarming tales of love, loyalty, and companionship.


When an Army Specialist spotted Poland desperately searching for food, she knew she could not turn her back on the helpless kitty. The specialist began caring for Poland, and the two bonded. The specialist knew cats were not welcome where she was, and she worried about what would happen to her new furry friend once her deployment ended. That’s when she reached out to us- the rest is history! Our team quickly jumped into action, bringing Poland into our care and preparing her to travel to the specialist’s home in New York. Our team was by Poland’s side the entire time, ensuring the sweet cat was safe and at ease during the journey.

Poland made it home just in time for Thanksgiving! Despite his rescuer still being on duty, Poland has already found love and comfort with the soldier’s husband, who picked her up. Their bond is paw-some, and Poland is settling into her new home like a true champ! And she’s counting the days until she’s reunited with the soldier who saved her.

Easy E

Remember Easy E? This adorable pup was the only one in his litter to survive. Sadly, all of his siblings were euthanized, leaving him to fend for himself until a brave soldier came to his aid. The soldier nursed him back to health, sheltered him, and even crafted makeshift toys from camp towels. Easy E became a source of joy for everyone at the camp, and the soldier simply couldn’t imagine leaving Easy E behind when his deployment ended. He knew Easy E simply would not survive on his own. 

Thanks to the generosity of SPCA International donors like you, we raised the necessary funds to bring Easy E to our shelter in Iraq, where he got the necessary medical exam, tests, and vaccinations to fly to the United States. 

We are thrilled that Easy E is now safe in his new forever home, and we can’t wait to hear all about his adventures with the kind soldier who saved his life.

Gunner, Jersey, Boba, Bashi

Compassionate soldiers rescued a stray dog during deployment, only to discover she was pregnant. Soon, a litter of puppies arrived. Born into love and joy, Gunner, Jersey, Boba, and Bashi have been by his soldiers’ side since birth. As their deployment concluded, the soldiers couldn’t leave them behind and asked us for help.

After weeks of navigating red tape and getting the pups ready for their flight to the U.S., we’re pleased to announce that Gunner, Jersey, Boba, and Bashi are all home, nestled back into the arms of the soldiers who embraced them from their first moments.

Every week, we receive more and more requests from U.S. service members who desperately need help bringing the beloved animals they befriend on deployment to safety. Each rescue can last from a few weeks to several months and costs between $4,000 to $9,000 per animal. We need your help reuniting these U.S. heroes with the animals they love.

Donate Now