Name of Organization
Animal Guard SPCA Polish

Type of Organization
Animal Welfare
Rescue and Education

Services Provided
Anti-Cruelty and Animal Rescue
Education and Advocacy

Their Work

Established in 2011 for the strict love and protection of animals, SPCA Straż Zwierzat Polska 
or SPCA Poland Animal Guard in English, is the product of many activists from various organizations who formed a coalition because they simply couldn’t “go indifferent to the suffering of animals” anymore.

As a fledging young organization determined to make strides in the fight against animal cruelty in Poland, where there are few laws protecting animals, they are actively searching for support and acceptance from the public and local authorities.  Because the volunteers believe that animals are vulnerable, they suffer in silence, so becoming their voice is of greatest priority. Through education in schools and to the general publicspay and neuter clinics, rescue and rehabilitation of stray and abandoned animals, SPCA Straż Zwierzat Polska  hopes to diminish the number of acts of cruelty and neglect towards animals in Poland.

We were first contacted through our Shelter Program and have since formed a wonderful relationship with the young non-profit organization. We are honored to support their hard work and efforts and hope to continue to be a valuable source of information through their progress.

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