OneInAnimalWelfare.pngIn 2014 we held hands across the world to help thousands of animals through our life saving missions.

Our Shelter Support Program distributed over $100,000 in grants to shelters in need in places like Lithuania, Sarajevo, Serbia, Greece and right here in our own backyard, the United States. We were able to respond with Emergency Funding for animals affected by natural disasters to places like India who was hit hard by a typhoon in October, and Pakistan who suffered severe flooding in the late fall.

Well over 5 million dollars in Veterinary Aid Supplies were distributed to help with spay and neuter projects and life saving treatments in places like Tanzania, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama and the Philippines.

Our Operation Baghdad Pups Programs faced many challenges this year in Iraq with the constant ISIS threat looming over the state of our service members’ beloved furry friends lives. With perseverance and determination, we came through for 30 dogs and cats who are now living happily with their families in North America instead of an unthinkable cruel fate. We are excited to say that we expanded our OBP program to other parts of the world and have since rescued 8 befriended dogs belonging to navy men serving in remote areas of the Philippines!

We didn’t stop there. Our Operation Military Pets program kept 135 military families together by giving out over 100 thousand dollars in grants. This is an invaluable service being provided to members of our US Armed Forces relocating overseas and within the country to assist with the high cost of transporting their cherished four pawed family members with them.

But that’s not all; our team was on the ground fighting for the rights of the Spanish Greyhounds at The Congress of Deputies in Madrid in early March. We flew to Panama to assist in life saving sterilization clinics in the late summer. We met with Shelter Support Grant recipient organizations in the Philippines, and the U.S. We were the sole sponsors for the first ever Public Forum on Animal Welfare and Humane Stray Management in Ecuador. In fact, since the conference, 5 municipalities have begun working on legislation for spay/neuter and animal welfare!

Because of your support, over 400 dogs in a public pound in Romania and 450 more in Borneo are now under the care and supervision of our partner organizations.

To say we are proud is an understatement, but we couldn’t have done it without you. For all the lives you have saved, for all the care and support you have given, we say thank you. Thank you for being part of SPCA International’s Team. Thank you for holding hands with us across the world.

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