Dog Shot & Left for Dead

Some evil person shot Ziggy in the face, leaving him in agony to die of his wounds. While our partners were able to get to him before it was too late, Ziggy's life is still at risk. He is in excruciating pain, and his condition is critical. The team is doing everything possible to help this sweet dog regain enough strength to undergo surgery, but Ziggy's journey back to health will not be easy.

Ziggy has survived unimaginable abuse during his short life. Now, it's our opportunity to show him the kindness and compassion he deserves.

Ziggy needs around-the-clock care, surgery, and rehabilitation. With your help, we can rush funds to Ziggy's caregivers so they can give him everything he needs to heal.

Every moment counts as we fight to give him the chance he desperately needs. Please act now.

Together, We Can Stop His Suffering & Give Ziggy the Life He Deserves

You Can Save Ziggy’s Life

His fate hangs in the balance; we are his last hope for survival.