70 Dogs Need Emergency Evacuation

The clock is ticking. We must act before it is too late.

Join Us in a Life-Saving Mission

The situation in the West Bank is intensifying with each passing day.

Currently, 65 dogs, many of them with special needs, need to be evacuated to safety. These animals have thrived in the one-acre sanctuary of Daily Hugz located in the West Bank. However, escalating violence and travel restrictions have led to the heartbreaking decision to shut down Daily Hugz. The founder, who has devoted his life to these animals, is not being allowed to return to Israel. Getting food and veterinary care in the area is becoming increasingly difficult. The animals are no longer safe in the place they once called home. Without your support, these animals will be forced to stay behind, and we fear they will die from hunger, illness, or as a result of the war.

Partnering with Daily Hugz, we're embarking on a massive mission to evacuate all the dogs in the shelter. We've started rushing funds to ensure all dogs are vaccinated and that they receive necessary veterinary care for this critical flight. But this is just the first step. We will need permission from the CDC and the Ministry of Health, crates, arrange ground transport, and a plane. Then, find them loving homes in the United States. This is a massive undertaking, and we don't have much time. It may be too late if we don't rush to get these dogs out soon.

Please, be the lifeline these dogs desperately need.

UPDATE: As news of our West Bank rescue spreads, another shelter in the region has reached out for assistance. They, too, need help rescuing their animals from danger, and we've agreed to help. We're now bringing 70 dogs from the West Bank to the United States. We desperately need your help.