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Why is Caring for Animals Prohibited?

Can you imagine finding a helpless puppy or kitten only days old, stranded and crying for food and help?  Would you take that animal in and protect it – no matter the cost?  How would you feel if that animal was ripped from your arms and turned out or shot dead in front of you?  It may sound harsh, but it is a reality some of our troops have to live with because of General Order 1-A.

Soldiers across the globe take in stray animals that show up near their base looking for help. Often times the animals are weak, dehydrated or malnourished. The Soldiers quickly take in these puppies, kittens, feral cats, and street dogs rescuing them from the harsh reality of everyday life.

Surprisingly, our service members are putting themselves at risk by caring for these animals. You see, Military General Order 1-A prohibits soldiers from feeding or befriending local animals. That means each time they feed, pet, or adopt an animal they are breaking the order. Luckily, many commanding officers have compassion and look the other way; allowing these rules to be bent.

Sadly, others turn the animals out. By doing this they are sentencing them to sure death and inflicting incalculable mental harm on the military service members who had bonded with the animals. Regrettably, we have heard firsthand about dogs that have been turned out on the streets or brutally killed in an effort to enforce General Order 1-A. 

There must be a better way. Help us, help our heroes and their furry friends.  

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