Hi! It’s me, Syri, the Ambassadog!

If the title didn’t spell it out for you, I am in fact, Syri, SPCA International’s Ambassadog. I travel with staff for events, attend meetings at the SPCA International office in New York City, and advocate for animals everywhere while exploring my new home in New York with my best friend Danny. Danny says I saved his life, but really he saved mine. Here’s our story:

Did you know I am a native of Syria? That’s where I got my name from. My story is really quite incredible, but astoundingly common.

I was a puppy in war torn Syria, trying to survive on my own, when I happened upon Danny a member of the US military. I was thin and very hungry; I was literally starving. Danny took me in, gave me shelter and fed me until I finally had the energy to move. We bonded immediately. Heartbroken about the thought of leaving me when his tour was over, Danny reached out to SPCA International.

SPCAI was able to help me get to the United States through their program Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide. After getting me out of Syria, they hosted me in Erbil, Iraq, and then I was finally reunited with Danny in the United States.

Danny says I saved his life, but really he saved mine.

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