Your Support Makes an Impact for So Many

How We Help

These incredible impact grants were recently awarded to deserving shelters:

Lilongwe, Malawi

A new Shelter Partner was established in the capital of Malawi and awarded a grant to support their vet program clinic providing care to animals in the surrounding villages.

Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Our partners in Thailand recently purchased land where rescued dogs that are not able to be rehomed can live. At the sanctuary, they enjoy wide open, green spaces where they are well-fed, cared for and loved. This grant is helping with facility costs, while they work to put together a methane collector from the animal waste. That energy will then be harnessed and used to power the shelter to reduce costs.

Kentucky, United States

A grant was awarded to the Kentucky Humane Society to provide emergency assistance to small shelters in the areas who were affected by the devastating floods in eastern Kentucky this summer.

Lake Zone, Tanzania

A grant was awarded to provide rabies vaccinations and medical supplies to an animal welfare organization in Tanzania, where the community has unfortunately experienced some recent rabies cases.

Caracas, Venezuela

One of our longtime partners in Venezuela was awarded a grant to fully fund three months of their completely free spay and neuter clinic benefitting hundreds of animals in three different areas in Venezuela. The clinic will also perform emergencies surgeries as needed to save the lives of animals at risk.

Thank You For Your Compassion!