Puppy's Life in Danger

Hungry, scared, and alone, Bella captured Specialist Elijah's heart. A true hero, he took in the tiny puppy, giving her food, shelter, and love. After months together, their bond is unbreakable. But military regulations may force Specialist Elijah to leave Bella behind, and he fears for her survival in the harsh conditions of the Middle East.

Life in the Middle East is not kind to stray dogs. Many don't make it. Your support can be the life-saving difference for Bella and honor the dedication of Specialist Elijah. Join us in bringing Bella home, ensuring her safety and happiness. Act now and be part of this remarkable journey.

We can't think of a better way to celebrate the 4th of July than by helping this American hero and his beloved dog.

Please help us rescue Bella.

Support Our Troops: Save Bella this 4th of July

If left behind, Bella’s chance for survival is slim. Army Specialist Elijah is desperate for our help.
After everything he has sacrificed, we can’t let him down.

Army Hero & Beloved Dog Need Your Help