Pablo Has Suffered So Much Already

Help us give him the life he deserves


Pablo is only two years old and has known nothing but pain and suffering during his short life. He was abused by his previous owner and used for dog fighting. He spent so much of his life trapped in a small cage living in his waste. He was covered in blood and full of dog bites when he was found. His ribs were showing, and it was clear he had been starved.

Pablo deserves to know love and compassion. We want to give him the life he deserves, but he has a long road ahead to recover from everything he has endured.

Donate today to provide Pablo with the medical treatment, training, care, and support he needs to find a loving, forever home.

Note: All donations collected will be used to help Pablo and the organization caring for him. If contributions to this effort exceed the necessary amount, subsequent donations will go to other SPCA International partners around the world caring for dog-fighting survivors.