Yayasan Penyelamatan Orangutan Sintang (Sintang Orangutan Rescue Center)

Sintang, West Kalimantan
Type of Organization
Rescue and Education
Services Provided
Education and Advocacy
Their Work

The Sintang Orangutan Rescue Center (SOC) rescues, rehabilitates and releases orangutans back into the wild. SOC also works on creating awareness through outreach programs to prevent further deforestation, and to prevent the hunting or capture of orangutans.

SOC works closely with the Forestry Police of West Kalimantan to spread awareness and collect information about orangutans. They have rescued and cared for more than 50 orangutans since 2010. Most of the orangutans in their care are safely returned to the wild.

The Sintang Orangutan Rescue Center started an environmental education program in 2018 to raise awareness on the value of conservation and biodiversity protection. Through this program, SOC works directly with students, teachers, schools, and villages, providing lessons and activities to improve knowledge about the environment and what people can do to protect it.

SPCA International is proud to provide support to the Sintang Orangutan Center as they continue their impactful work for the vulnerable orangutans in their region.