Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand

Amphoe Thayang, Phetchaburi
Type of Organization
Animal Welfare
Services Provided
Anti-Cruelty and Animal Rescue
Their Work

Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) was established in 2001 to fight against animal injustices and provide rescue and rehabilitation and life-long care and shelter to animals in need. Since then, WFFT has rescued thousands of animals from situations of abuse, neglect, or injury.  WFFT focuses on rescuing animals from terrible situations of abuse including the illegal pet trade, animals being used as photo props and from ‘zoos’, the tourism/logging industry, and animals orphaned as a result of human-wildlife conflict. Today, WFFT provides shelter to more than 700 rescued animals and provides free veterinary care to cats and dogs in need.

SPCA International is proud to support Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, and with your help, WFFT can continue to strive towards a brighter future for Thailands’ abundant wildlife.

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