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Oakland, New Jersey
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Special Needs K9, Inc. is a volunteer run, non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue of dogs and other animals with physical, medical and other special needs. Founded by Michael Pravec and his wife Stacey in 2009, the organization strives to save animals that other groups may view as “unsaveable”.  In addition to helping dogs and other animals with disabilities in shelters, rescue groups and foster homes, but they also provide post-adoption aid to people that have the heart but not the funds to rescue these poor creatures, and provide a forever home for them. They specialize in the rescue of the abused, neglected and the least adoptable animals but their purpose and goals are much broader.

The organization is a strong advocate against the mistreatment of animals and for their well-being and survival. They finance medical procedures, treatments and purchase equipment that provides aid to disabled or otherwise affected animals. They find foster and forever homes for the ones that are difficult to adopt due to their special needs and assist new owners with post adoption training and socializing for their new “best friend.”

Special Needs K9 members believe that all animals, including those that may have physical, medical or other special needs deserve a chance to live a happy life.  A dog that has only three legs or one that is blind, as well as the abused and neglected all deserve that same chance…A chance at life and love!  These wonderful creatures were put on this earth to give us unconditional love and companionship. Unfortunately, some humans are not as giving as their pets. Some of the pets are tortured or neglected, some get sick or injured, and in many cases they are just “thrown” away into shelters or worse. This is where Special Needs K9 steps in and to make a difference. “Animals give us so much, and we in return should at the very least give them a chance.”

SPCA International is thrilled to award Special Needs K9 with a Shelter of the Week Grant to help with their life saving efforts.  The funds will further help with the medical costs and day to day care of their deserving rescues.


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