Ravi Foundation

Toba Tek Singh, Punjab
Type of Organization
Animal Welfare
Rescue and Education
Services Provided
Anti-Cruelty and Animal Rescue
Spay and Neuter Clinics
Education and Advocacy
Their Work

In 2010, Pakistan suffered a devastating flood. Over thirty million people along the river Indus were affected and thousands of animals drowned, were injured and left starving to death. The Ravi Foundation responded by sending out its emergency response program and over thirty five thousand animals were fed in three phases.

Then again in 2011, heavy rains flooded vast areas of Sindh province in Pakistan. Over half a million animals including livestock and working animals perished. Ravi Foundation provided feed and medical care to thousands of animals in need. This is when SPCA International frst stepped in and provided funding to help the affected animals living close to the eroded river.

Another flood hit hard in 2013, and once again the Ravi Foundation responded with feeding stations, vaccinations and care for animals that contracted Foot and Mouth disease, skin and stomach problems and other diseases.

In July of 2014, they responded to the drought affected in certain areas in Pakistan, providing food, water and medical care for 2200 animals and vaccinated 11748 sick animals in five different villages.

In Pakistan there is no concept of animal disaster management besides vaccines during outbreaks. Most importantly, there was no support from the government to address the needs of animals during manmade and natural disasters until the Ravi Foundation launched aggressive campaigns urging governments to allocate funds for animal feed and medical care.  For the first in time in history, the Punjab government allocated a small budget to support their efforts this past year.

Aside from disaster response, the Ravi Foundation closely monitors and raises awareness for animal rights. They have developed animal welfare programs and continuously conduct meetings with concerned government officials, media and other stakeholders to take steps to make Pakistan an animal friendly society.

SPCAI was just notified once again to animals affected by severe flooding and their team is on standby ready to help once again.  With an Emergency Shelter Support Grant, they will now be able to arrange a medical care program for flood-affected animals in two of the worst areas affected by the rising water.

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