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Pawnee County Humane Society

Larned, Kansas
Type of Organization
Rescue and Education
Services Provided
Anti-Cruelty and Animal Rescue
Education and Advocacy
Their Work

The Pawnee County Humane Society (PCHS) was established in April of 2005 after several meetings of concerned citizens with the goal of decreasing the number of animals being euthanized at the city pound.  As awareness grew PCHS began helping with animals from Pawnee County. The success of PCHS is due to many volunteer hours by many volunteers who truly want to make the life of the homeless pets in Pawnee County a little better.  These works are supported local Veterinary Clinics where the homeless pets are spayed, neutered, and given care so that they can live healthier lives.

PCHS has created Project P.A.W.S. (Providing Animals With a Shelter) and they are hard at work on this initiative. This shelter will provide a caring environment to homeless animals in Pawnee and surrounding areas and the ability to reach out to help find them a forever home.  The community will benefit from this central location to bring and adopt animals and a place to present educational programs on responsible pet ownership.   Project P.A.W.S. was created with the continuing mission of preventing suffering, neglect, abuse and cruelty to animals through community awareness and education and ending the euthanasia of healthy adoptable animals in Pawnee County.

PCHS also runs a Feral Cat Trap, Neuter and Release Program in the county helping to control the population of feral cats in a humane yet effective way.

SPCA International is thrilled to award PCHS with a shelter of the week grant to help these deserving volunteers with their live saving work.  The funds from this grant will help the P.A.W.S. initiative with a much needed refrigerator to house medications and vaccinations in the new shelter.

Additional Info and Website

To donate to the Pawnee County Humane Society, please make the check payable to: Pawnee County Humane Society, Inc. and mail to the following address:
Pawnee County Humane Society
P.O. Box 224
Larned, KS 67550
Or securely on their website at: http://pawneehumane.com/readytohelp