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My Precious Mutt

St. Petersburg, Leningrad Oblast
Type of Organization
Animal Welfare
Rescue and Education
Services Provided
Anti-Cruelty and Animal Rescue
Education and Advocacy
Their Work

When the founders of My Precious Mutt in St. Petersburg, Russia, first moved to Beloostrov, they had no plans to start an animal shelter. However, very soon after their move, they were confronted with a frightening reality: scores of abandoned animals roaming the streets. These were the "live toys" that Beloostrov's summer residents had left behind, discarded once their vacation was over. Even though their family already included 4 dogs and 10 cats, they could not turn a blind eye to the numbers of unwanted and starving animals pleading in the streets. One year later, the number of dogs in their household grew to 10 and the number of cats, to 20.
Years passed and even though their resources dwindled, the number of abandoned animals didn’t.. For 10 years, even after they started the shelter, they managed by dipping into their own savings, but the needs to continue to grow and funding is running out.

For the most part the shelter has no paid workers. There are only a few non-paid volunteers, who dedicate their hours to repairs, maintenance, finding scarce supplies and helping with adoptions and care for the animals.

They desperately need our help. Through our Shelter Program and with your support, we can deliver financial aid to My Precious Mutt and other shelters alike. Please consider supporting and sharing their story so more unwanted animals could find the love and care they so deserve.

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