Manhattan Valley Cat Rescue

New York City, New York
Type of Organization
Animal Welfare
Services Provided
Anti-Cruelty and Animal Rescue
Education and Advocacy
Their Work

Manhattan Valley Cat Rescue is a group of neighborhood volunteers united to help ease the plight of abandoned cats and kittens living on the streets of the neighborhood, known as Manhattan Valley (100 Street to 110 Street, between Amsterdam Avenue and Central Park West) in the borough of Manhattan.

The life expectancy of a street cat is approximately 3 years compared to the 15 years an indoor cat might live. Most outdoor cats will die a painful and sad death from disease, climate, abuse and/or starvation.  The all-volunteer group of Manhattan Valley residents has watched the problem of abandoned cats grow worse and worse over the years and have come together to do something about it. Thanks to the generosity of Rev. Laura Jervis of Westside Federation for Senior Housing, they have been able to build a temporary shelter and rely completely on donations to get the felines vetted, fed and sterilized. In over 10 years since they started their coalition, they have been able to save more than 400 cats from the streets of Manhattan.

Beyond rescue work, they hope to start an educational campaign to impress on local businesses and residents on the importance of spaying and neutering.
Together, their tireless efforts will hopefully one day end a condition that has persisted for much too long.

Additional Info and Website

SPCA International is proud to support Manhattan Valley Cat Rescue at this year’s Broadway Barks in New York City. For more information, please visit

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